Rainforest Watermark.png


Two toads, Todd and Andyphibian, live happily with their parents, but they want to explore and see the wonders of the world, so Todd decides to go to the big city and Andyphibian goes to the rainforest.  When he arrives, he discovers that the rainforest is in trouble and under threat from Lord Warty Toad who doesn’t care for them or the trees. As he embarks on his adventure through the rainforest, he meets confused fish, weeping trees, angry jaguars and worried monkeys all crying out for help to save their rainforest from Lord Warty Toad!

Duration: 50mins

This musical is about how the rainforests are affected by humans chopping down the trees and how animals and their habitats are at risk, as well as speaking about recycling and taking care of our planet.