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Primary Times Review

Brooke mesmerises the children who become part of her show. They gallop through the forest hoping to help some magical characters along the way. Can they make shoes for the shoemaker? Help Cinderella gather up fabric from her dress? Will Bottom be saved from an asinine existence?

The Enchanted Forest Adventure is a truly interactive show. The children are involved from the beginning to the end. Ela-Rose, 5, said “I liked Ariel and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I liked joining in.”

[The] gentle manner makes the children feel comfortable and at ease. George, 3, was shy and reluctant to join in at the beginning. By the end he was right in the middle of it... He “liked the bit when they were all sleeping.”
— Nadine Mery, Primary Times
During the creative dance session children learn to move with confidence, imagination and safety, with an awareness of space, themselves and others. They really enjoyed performing as they respond to the very engaging dance teacher. They benefit from the chance to express themselves in a really fun session
— Ofsted report 26th March 2012
“Magical! ...It was an amazing thing to see my quiet and shy child transformed into a story teller, dancer, actor - a performer! Everyone has commented on his new found confidence, and he found it here at Little Supernovas - amazing, thank you.
— Dani, Early Years Advisor
Little Supernovas is the most amazing group, I don’t think there is anything else quite like it. My son is easily bored and often doesn’t enjoy groups, but with [Little Supernovas] he is captivated and completely engaged in the story, adding in bits from his own imagination. The combination of music, drama and creative story telling makes it a entirely immersive experience. When we get home he starts again and does his own stories with which we all join in!
— Parent, E3
There is nothing else out there like this, our nursery children were transfixed from the very start to the very end. We highly recommend little supernovas!
— Team leader, Pre-School Class, Edinburgh