Brooke - Creative Director

I have been working with Schools, pre-preps and nursery's for several years as a storyteller and drama teacher. I bring children's awareness of their community and their environment to life working with them by using movement, music, props, action and their imagination in a fun and supportive drama storytelling session.

I am first aid trained, hold a CRB and am qualified to work as a storyteller with children. Little Supernovas is a limited company, registration number 7478299.

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Daniella - London Adventureteller

Daniella attained her Ba(Hons) First Class in Performing Arts in England before returning to Hong Kong, where she grew up, to pursue acting and voice work. Since returning, her credits include films 'Drink Tea Ghost Man' as Annie, 'Dark age' as Nyx and 'Out Of The Blue'. Her voice credits include the lead's in Anime series 'Inazuma 11 Go' (Arion Sherwind) and Ori Princess (Sheree). Also, as narrator and character voices on electronic toys & games (Cartoon Network, V-Tech, Longmans) and TV documentaries ('Art of Sake', HK Government & The British Council).

Daniella specialised in physical and contemporary theatre, as well as writing and adapting plays. She has taught drama to children for several years with youth theatre companies (Faust international) and schools in Hong Kong, where she continued to write and adapt plays and the curriculum.

She is passionate about the medium of drama as a creative avenue for the development and learning of children and is pleased to now be apart of Little Supernovas.

Gabriella - London Adventureteller

I was born and raised in the tropical city of London where I attended full time theatre school from the age of 10. Whilst studying at Ravenscourt theatre school I landed a lead role on CBBCs 'Living it' and various other programmes and movies. As a teenager I attended the Brit school for performing arts and technology where I obtained diplomas in dance and drama. After graduating I received a job offer to teach drama at a children's summer camp in Los Angeles for 3 months this is where I believe my passion for teaching drama and storytelling was born. Since leaving summer camp I embarked on several contracts with carnival cruise lines as an entertainment host which sent me around the Caribbean and home again. Since coming home I became a fairy spreading fairy dust all over the place. Yes you read it right a fairy but after hanging up my wings I am now living the dream by working for little supernovas and bringing stories and fun to a nursery near you.

Maria - Brighton Adventureteller

I was born and raised in a beautiful town called Oporto, north Portugal, where I completed a 3 year acting course.

During those 3 years I had the opportunity to work with great teachers and to experience much more than just pure artistic classes: Circus, Tango, Contemporary Dance, Singing, Acting, Improvisation, Production, Psychology, Arts History, Drama History, etc.,.

My performing arts background helped me develop my social skills and taught me to work under pressure which made me become a fast learner. When it comes to Arts, I become a passionate, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial person.

For the past two years, I have been living in London where I had my first encounter with Little Supernovas and I started working as a drama teacher/adventure teller.

Thanks to my acting experience I see my relationship with children as a chance to have fun and teach. I believe that drama has an amazing effect on children's imagination which allows them to grow in all possible ways! Being part of the Little Supernovas team in London has been one of my greatest experiences and made me expand my vocabulary as a teacher, artist and person. I believe it is now time for Brighton to be shaken by Little Supernovas.

Maria Monteiro
T: 07473 273337 / 07472 218811

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